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Maverick, risk-taking, all-in, DIY investment gambler. 

This is simply a rebel.
Maverick, risk-managing, concentrated-investment Master Planner.
This is a Rebellionaire.

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Dave Lee On Investing

On Investing

Solving The Money Problem

Solving The
Money Problem

The Limiting Factor

The Limiting Factor

But can you be both maverick and disciplined? When you work with us, you have to be. It’s the only way we roll.

Rebellionaire™ was envisioned and custom-built for bold, unconventional investors who don’t march mindlessly to the drumbeat of the media.

They are not governed by Wall Street or traditional “safe” investment advisors. We are not the place for hand-wringers, risk-spreaders and those who bail at the first whiff of a slump. Our clients don’t wilt under scrutiny from family, peers or the press. They don’t scare easily, keeping their eye instead on the larger, long-term prize. Not the short-term dips and drop-offs. Rebellionaires don’t panic. They trim, they buy, they add, they build, they think bigger. The word volatility doesn’t make them nervous.

It makes them eager. It gets them going.

Our clients are

not small investors shackled to diversification strategies. They typically have at least a million invested in a single stock. That doesn’t mean every dollar isn’t critically important to their customized goals and vision. They are ambitious, and well beyond hoping for financial freedom. Instead, they are people anticipating the means to make a personal and philanthropic impact on their world. People with real financial power.

That’s where we come in.

Rebellionaire™ advisors, like our clients, are unconventional. We’re also experienced, smart, strategic and informed.

You see it today on the news—we saw it last month in our research. You hear it next week on a podcast—we heard it today, on a live site-tour of a factory. Anyone can search the web. Our proprietary, ultra-deep dives and analyses are seasoned with intensity, insight, intuition and intellect. The kind you simply can’t do on your own or find anywhere else.

The Rebellionaire™ team has lived, worked and prospered in the investment trenches. 

Ups, downs, highs, lows, bulls, bears and crashes. We’ve been there, done that and we have both the battle scars and the bounty to show for it. These are your First Principles practitioners, advisors, trailblazers, gut-checkers and guides. We will help you plan your work and work your plan. We’ll do it with equal parts on-the-ground intel, honesty and responsibility—and when the opportunity arises… defiance.

We are Rebellionaire™.  Are you?

Tesla Daily

Tesla Daily

Note - Rebellionaire research or employees have appeared on these channels. These channels are not endorsing nor clients of Rebellionaire.


With rising awareness of Rebellionaire on the web, we've put together this video to introduce the basics of what makes our approach to investing and wealth management different from others. We strongly recommend watching this video before filling out the contact form. 


Unwavering focus is about moving away from a random piecemeal approach based on some article or change in a law. We take a deliberate approach to help you keep your shares. Pragmatic Rebellionaires need to be balanced and accountable.


Rebellionaires don't need to die for the revolution. Instead of using regurgitating advice the retail investor community is using or getting over our skis with too much risk, we instead are responsible and evidence-based in our approach.

Unconventional Approach

By going from cookie-cutter Wall Street advice meant to keep you small and ignoring the Mainstream Media, we use a First Principles Approach that most large firms cannot offer nor even train. It's deeply personal and unique planning that we do upfront.

We Can Help You Go
from Financial Freedom
to Real Financial Power

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